Air Force Accidentally Dropped Dummy Bombs On Florida After Hitting a Bird

Dear readers, The fintech space in Southeast Asia has been a hub of interesting activity, so we took the chance to profile some promising startups. There’s YouTrip, a multicurrency e-wallet that lets travelers spend with more ease and fewer worries. Fun side note: the entrepreneur behind it was classmates with the founders of Grab and […]

Is there a cheaper way to get train tickets in the UK?

The UK is one of the most expensive countries for rail travel in Europe but split-ticketing is a practice that provides passengers with cheaper train fares.

The practice of split-ticketing is becoming more mainstream in the UK. Image by Peter Muller/Getty

What is split-ticketing? The clue is in the name. Essentially it’s a practice of splitting your train journey into segments and buying multiple tickets for each one as it usually works out cheaper than buying a single ticket for the whole journey.

Dott raises $34 million to build a sustainable scooter startup

European micro-mobility startup Dott is about to raise a $34 million Series A round (€30 million). Compared to many scooter companies out there, the startup is taking a careful approach when it comes to growth in order to build a good reputation and a sustainable service.

EQT Ventures and Naspers are leading today’s found. Existing investors Axel Springer Digital Ventures, DN Capital, Felix Capital, FJ Labs and U-Start Club are also investing again.

Dott had previously raised a $23 million round (€20 million) from EQT Ventures, Naspers and others.

11 Advantages of Puzzles for Your Childs Development – Infographic

Have you watched a young child with his first jigsaw puzzle? He stares bemusedly at the odd-shaped pieces in his hand, figures out that they have to go into the empty space and then, with utmost determination, starts pushing the pieces in haphazardly, till you urgently intervene – not to help him but to prevent the pieces breaking!

Universal Basic Income: An Introduction

This post is by Continuations by Albert Wenger from Continuations by Albert Wenger

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Here is the text of a speech I gave at the 72nd Annual NYU Labor Conference, which this year was on AI and Automation.  Unfortunately there is no recording – I stuck relatively closely to this, but didn’t read it.


Universal Basic Income: An Introduction

8 Gold Coins Scams To Avoid When Buying Bullions

You might have heard a lot of experts say that during tight economic situations such as what we have now, turning to gold is a good investment gambit.

Gold is an overly reliable asset that withstands any kind of financial uncertainty.  Even when the stock market is plunging like an elevator whose brakes have failed, gold’s price still rises.  You can consider gold as a form of insurance to financial crunches.


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