Only Trump Would Brag About Canceled Taliban Meeting, Jimmy Kimmel Says

“What Trump did here is like your best friend telling you he’s getting a divorce and you’re, like, ‘I didn’t know you were married!’ ‘Yeah, it didn’t work out. She killed 11 people in Afghanistan. It was crazy.’” — TREVOR NOAH
“Next month he’s taking Al Qaeda to Six Flags, did you know that?” — JIMMY KIMMEL
“So the Taliban refused to come to America and Trump tweeted out, ‘No, I’m breaking up with you guys!’” — TREVOR NOAH
“Yeah, I know, I know, I’m thinking the exact same thing — I really hope him canceling doesn’t damage America’s relationship with the Taliban.” — JAMES CORDEN
“And if you’re wondering where we are as a nation, my first thought was, ‘I don’t know, I’ll believe it when I hear it from the Taliban.’” — SETH MEYERS
“Can you imagine if that meeting had happened and it had gone … like if someone in their group complimented him? We’d have video right now of the president saying, ‘I love the Taliban. They’re great guys.’” — JIMMY KIMMEL
“Of course this is especially fascinating because back in 2012 Trump tweeted this: ‘While Barack Obama is slashing the military he’s also negotiating with our sworn enemy the Taliban, who facilitated 9/11.’ That was written by the man who not only did he invite the Taliban over for a sleepover, last week he slashed $3.6 billion from the military to build his wall. ” — JIMMY KIMMEL

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