Roku’s brand-new Ultra streaming box is quicker and includes custom-made app faster ways

Roku is revitalizing its lineup of banners today, presenting a couple of updates to the Roku Express and Ultra that will not make you change your existing gadget, however must come in handy for brand-new purchasers. The Roku Express is now 10 percent smaller sized, making it much easier to conceal behind a TELEVISION, while offering the exact same efficiency as previously. On the other hand, the Roku Ultra has a brand-new quad-core processor and more RAM in order to load channels (Roku’s name for apps) as much as 30 percent quicker.

Gathering Pricing Intelligence for Your Business

Data scraping has become very common these days. It is now actually easier than ever to extract large volumes of public online data. Over the years, companies became increasingly creative in scraping data to gain a competitive edge. Furthermore, pricing intelligence proxies come in handy to assist anonymous scraping. With these proxies, you don’t have to worry about IP masking. How, then, can you...

Deutsche Telekom to take on telecom ops from slimmed-down T-Systems – Reuters

BONN, Germany (Reuters) – Deutsche Telekom is taking back responsibility for corporate telecoms clients from its restructured T-Systems unit, which will emerge as a slimmed-down operation focused on IT and digital services.

FILE PHOTO: Adel Al-Saleh, member of the board of Deutsche Telekom AG and CEO of T-Systems of Germany’s telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom is pictured before the company’s annual shareholders meeting in Bonn, Germany May 17, 2018. REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay/File Photo

Dust cloud from asteroid collision shaped life on Earth 466 million years ago, say scientists

The cataclysmic asteroid impact off Mexico’s coast that doomed the dinosaurs 66 million years ago was not the only time an astronomical event shaped the history of life on Earth.
Scientists on Wednesday said dust spawned by a gigantic collision in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter 400 million years earlier triggered an ice age on Earth that ushered in a significant increase in marine biodiversity.


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