Many Africa ‘experts’ still don’t get a need for African voices and perspectives

Vaguely ask what a biggest expansion has been on a African continent this past year would many expected be meaningless. Unless, if one was to follow Binyavanga Wainaina’s eloquently satirical evidence on effectively essay about a continent: yield it as if it were a country, keep a stories “simple” and wholly episodic, and be assured with unconditional generalisations.
This is a plan of domination, of marginalisation, of dispossession, and it continues to be a approach many narratives on and about Africa are being shaped.

Make like an Emmy nominee and toot your individual horn

This Sunday evening on the Emmy Awards, you’ll listen the title of Gwendoline Christie from “Sport of Thrones” some of the listing of nominees for Absolute best Supporting Actress in a drama.
The epic myth HBO sequence scored 32 Emmy nominations for its ultimate season, a report for a drama, and HBO submitted a large number of skill for award attention this yr, together with Emilia Clarke, Package Harington and Peter Dinklage — however no longer Christie.

Watch: Fox News Contributor Says Beto O’Rourke ‘Couldn’t Take My Girl’ So He Can’t ‘Take My Guns’

A Fox News contributor on Friday mocked 2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s Democratic debate call to confiscate assault-style weapons by implying the former Texas congressman is a beta boy.
Fox & Friends played a clip of O’Rourke saying, to chee…Read More

Hundreds of patients suffer due to NHS errors

Hundreds of patients have suffered due to NHS blunders so serious they should never happen, new data shows.
Some 621 “never events” occurred in NHS hospitals between April 2018 and July this year – the equivalent of nine patients every week, according to data obtained by PA news agency.
The figures show doctors have operated on the wrong body parts and left surgical tools (including surgical gloves, chest drains and drill bits) inside patients many times over.

3 Ingredients You Definitely Want To See In Your Pet’s Food

(Photo Credit: Shutterstock)
Have you ever taken a look at what goes into your pet’s food? There are several dozen ingredients in your average dog or cat food, so it’s important to know what you actually want to see listed there on the back of the package.
1. High-Quality Easily-Digestible Animal Protein Sources

Global spare oil capacity in U.S. hands after Saudi outage

LONDON (Reuters) – An attack on Saudi oil facilities on Saturday is believed to have disrupted half the country’s production capacity, making the United States the only real holder of the global supply cushion via its ability to raise own output or to soften sanctions against other major oil producers.

Ligue 1: Neymar the saviour as PSG beat Strasbourg 1-0

Neymar scored a spectacular last-gasp goal for Paris St Germain that was greeted with more cheers than boos in a 1-0 Ligue 1 win over Racing Strasbourg on Saturday.
It was the Brazilian’s first appearance of the season following a failed transfer to Barcelona.
The forward found the back of the net with a bicycle kick two minutes into stoppage time, drawing mostly applause but a few boos from the Parc des Princes faithful.
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