Scarlett Moffatt shares horrific troll posts calling her a ‘fat b****’ and a ‘c***’

SCARLETT Moffatt has shared an horrific troll post that calls her a ‘fat b****’ and a ‘c***’.
The telly favourite took to Instagram to show fans the abuse she gets from trolls.
Scarlett has responded to her trolls on social mediaInstagram
She wrote: “Just another little troll. Thank you @jesynelson for bringing trolling to everyone’s attention.”
The post showed a sad follower responding to a series of Scarlett’s stories.

Aspect Ventures, founded by Theresia Gouw and Jennifer Fonstad, is splitting up – TechCrunch

Almost 400 years after the first folio of Shakespeare was published in 1623, scholars believe they have identified the early owner of one copy of the text, who made hundreds of insightful annotations throughout: John Milton. The Guardian reports: The astonishing find, which academics say could be one of the most important literary discoveries of modern times, was made by Cambridge University fellow Jason Scott-Warren when he was reading an article about the anonymous annotator by Pennsylvania State University English professor Claire Bourne.

What Does a Property Conveyancer Do?

By Blogtrepreneur
Buying property can be a stressful, confusing challenge that is filled with loopholes, rules, and regulations you may not quite understand. If you do something incorrectly, you could lose the sale and it could cost a lot of money—or worse, you could lose your dream home.
This is why using the services of a property conveyancer is necessary when selling or purchasing property in Australia. But what is a property conveyancer and how can they help when you’re navigating the property-buying maze?

National Guac Day sees avocado prices down & Chipotle’s unusual recipe – Fox Change

Holy guacamole!That’s what avid customers and foodies are announcing about currently’s National Guacamole Day and the declining tag of avocados.In accordance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Friday, the weighted national realistic tag of a Haas avocado became $1.16. Organic variants were $1.71 on realistic.Varied quite so a lot of inexperienced pores and skin sorts were recorded to be $2.00 or less.These prices are more cost-effective than what avocado fans skilled in July—which had a reported weighted national realistic of $2.10 per avocado.

Sean Spicer made his debut on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made his debut on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” on Monday night. His tenure at the White House ended in his resignation in July 2017.
His appearance on the show, as well as his outfit choice, have gotten mixed reviews on Twitter.
Some users called to boycott the show in the lead up to the show’s premiere.
Others applauded the decision as a smart career move.
Twitter was ablaze talking about his bright green shirt and shimmy during the show’s intro.

Google Search Console includes Datasets to improvement records area

Google has actually included a brand-new record to Google Search Console to allow you see just how your datasets are executing in Google Search. The brand-new record can be discovered in the improvements area under “Datasets” if, as well as just if, you make use of Datasets markup on your internet pages.What are datasets. Google in 2018 introduced Google Dataset Search, a search solution to locate information from scientific researches, federal government, some wire service.

How to Delete Apps on iPhone | Background Apps – Popular Mechanics

Unfortunately, heaps of useful and practical apps are some of the most serious threats to your own data security.
Take GasBuddy, for example. It’s meant to help you save precious cash at the pump by letting you compare prices at gas stations nearby—wherever you are—but that also means it’s gathering loads and loads of location data to make those calls.

Bizarre moment an out-of-control hot air balloon crashes into a tree in family’s front garden

Bizarre moment an out-of-control hot air balloon crashes into a tree in family’s front garden

An out-of-control hot air balloon crashes into a tree in a front garden as three pedestrians cling onto the basket to steady it to the ground.  
The blue-striped hot air balloon is seen drifting into oncoming traffic before hurtling into a silver birch tree in a front garden in Arizona.  

The blue, pink and purple-striped balloon is seen descending towards the road (left) in Arizona. A man and two women rush over yet the balloon is too high to reach (right)

Philippine Police Raid Alleged Cryptocurrency Scam, Arrest 277

Philippine police have reportedly raided the offices of an alleged cryptocurrency scam that was targeting investors in China.
According to a Sept. 15 report by local news outlet, agents from the Bureau of Immigration, the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission and the National Police’s Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group raided the offices of Grapefruit Services Inc. in Pasig City on Sept. 11. 
Authorities reportedly received a tip from the Chinese Embassy, which claimed that the firm had already defrauded thousands of investors in mainland China.


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