How to Get a Payday Loan with 3 Month Repayment Terms

Amanda Bullock / May 26,2021

What are 3 month loans?

As the name suggests, 3 month loans are short-term loans that you simply repay over three months. They're usually for fairly small amounts of cash (for hundreds instead of thousands of dollars) and typically designed for either emergencies or to assist with a brief gap within the borrower's finances.

Are 3 month loans similar to payday loans?

Although there's not a particular definition, 3 month loans are often a kind of payday loan. While more traditional payday loans tend to be for a month approximately , most payday lenders now offer borrowers the power to repay over multiple instalments over a brief period of your time. However, provides various repayment terms for their Payday Loans. Check their rates to apply online.

They've become more popular in recent years, as online payday lenders have started offering more options for borrowing and lots of have started advertising three month payday loans. Payday loans started off as deferred-payment loans, where you'll use post-dated cheques to borrow money (with the cheques post-dated until you bought paid). With the increase of digital lenders and debit cards, borrowers are offered more options and short instalment loans became more popular. This has led to more 3 month loan direct lenders being available.

3 month loans can sometimes have a lower representative APR than one-month payday loans, albeit the total loan cost is the same. This is often due to how the representative APR is calculated - it's an annual rate, therefore the interest it shows is multiplied and compounded (which is when the quantity is added onto the entire before being multiplied again) until it shows the quantity you'd repay if you borrowed for a year at that rate. So one month gets multiplied and compounded 12 times, whereas 3 month loans do not have to be multiplied and compounded as often.

What are the advantages of three month loans?

Three month loans are often useful for a few people, especially if they need a longer time to repay the money. Though the total cost of a loan is similar to traditional payday loan, the repayment schedule of 3 fixed instalments instead of one payment in a lump sum can make life easier within the short term.

Some people also don't need credit over a extended period of your time . They'd rather just have a loan for as short an amount of your time as possible, so a 3 month Payday loan is often the best solution between a payday loan and a longer-term Personal loan.

Drawbacks of 3 month Payday Loans

The main negatives of three month loans are all those drawbacks of payday loans. High interest rates. A lot od scammers. No credit checks, etc.

Borrowers should be careful with this type of short term financing. Consider all the alternatives first.

What are 3 month Payday Loans alternatives?

There are many alternatives to 3 month loans, counting on your ability to repay. Some lenders offer loans for a extended period of your time (like Lending Stream), meaning that you simply have lower monthly repayments.

  • There also are more traditional payday loans. These are usually for a couple of weeks or around a month, and you repay the quantity you borrow (plus interest) on your next payday.
  • You may qualify for a line of credit - this is often like an overdraft in some ways. Basically, you're given access to an amount of cash , which you'll repay and reuse as often as you wish . you simply pay interest on the cash you borrow while you borrow it, so if you do not use it, it doesn't cost you anything. Lending Stream doesn't offer a line of credit, but our sister site, Drafty, does.
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