Amanda Bullock / August 06,2022

Governance in Digital Transformation

Governance in Digital Transformation

With the opportunity to leverage new forms of data and analytical techniques comes significant complexity in terms of data governance. Balancing the opportunities and challenges from the digital economy requires having sound data governance frameworks.

Amanda Bullock / August 05,2022

Organization should bring realistic measures to safeguard Personal data out-of losses, misuse, not authorized availableness, disclosure, modification, otherwise exhaustion

Organization should bring realistic measures to safeguard Personal data out-of losses, misuse, not authorized availableness, disclosure, modification, otherwise exhaustion
“Sensitive and painful Personal data” form Private information one shows race, cultural origin, sexual direction, political views, religious otherwise philosophical thinking, trade union registration or one concerns a person’s wellness.

Amanda Bullock / July 16,2022

Valuing a Venture Capital Portfolio

Every quarter our firm goes through a process to value our entire portfolio. Those values, on a schedule of investments we publish to our investors every quarter, flow through to our financial statements and capital accounts and establish how much an interest in our partnerships are worth at that time.

Amanda Bullock / July 12,2022

Filming E Learning Video Production in Sydney, AU

Filming E Learning Video Production in Sydney, AU

Filming E Learning Video Production in Sydney, AU
Video used to be a nice concept but it’s become more than just an appealing idea. Video is now seen across several industries in online programs, thanks to how effective it is in reaching audiences. Whatever you may have in mind to do, video can help you achieve it. 
The E-learning market is growing quickly, estimated to surpass $375B over the next 5 years!  The foundation for an online course, it’s helpful to use video for a variety of reasons, whether with scenario based training or question and answer sessions. Just make sure you produce with the best. 
Filming E Learning Video Production in Sydney, AU
Why Consider Filming E Learning Videos in Sydney?

Amanda Bullock / July 11,2022

How to grow your business on a limited budget

How to grow your business on a limited budget

How to grow your business on a limited budgetImage by Mediamodifier from Pixabay
By Isla-Rae Flores
Running a business is expensive. It often feels like there aren’t enough funds to keep up with your business needs as they grow over time. Unfortunately, this is one of the main reasons small businesses close their doors within the first five years of operation.
To avoid this unsettling statistic, it’s best to approach your funding strategically. Below you can find a few unique ways to make the most of your limited business budget to continue growing your small business.
Reevaluate your current budget

Amanda Bullock / April 14,2022

Loveland holds glowing Easter Egg Hunt

Loveland holds glowing Easter Egg Hunt

Loveland Sports Park took on a glow Friday evening as Loveland Parks and Recreation hosted evening Easter egg hunts for kids.
Kids aged 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 through 9, and 10 through 12 sought out glowing eggs on Friday, with the younger cohort beginning to search around 7 as the sun began to fall, and older age groups beginning to look later in the evening.
In addition to the Easter Egg Hunt, a craft table, photo booth and the Easter Bunny himself made an appearance, with games for kids awaiting their turn to seek out some eggs.
The line was long Friday night prior to the youngest kids beginning their event, but the Easter Bunny posed for photos to break up the wait.
Myla Wakefield, 3 years old, and her brother Ian, 11 months, posed for a picture prior to Myla beginning her Easter Egg Hunt. Ian Wakefield will have to wait a year or two before he can participate.

Amanda Bullock / April 09,2022

How to make the most of the business data with Data Profiling

We have read and learnt a lot about data analysis and data processing. The power of both is not hidden from the giant tech world. But how well do we know that data processing and data analysis cannot happen without data profiling?
One thing as an initial introduction statement to data profiling is: As data gets bigger and infrastructure goes into the cloud, data profiling becomes more important. Data profiling is an act of monitoring data and cleansing data. It is also a great tool for organizations to make better decisions.
In today’s connected world, the amount of data being generated as also its s continue to grow. Often a visual assessment, data profiling uses a mix of business rules and analytical algorithms to find, understand and lay bare inconsistencies in data. The knowledge is then used to enhance data quality. It is an important aspect to monitor and improve the health of these newer, bigger data sets.

Amanda Bullock / March 31,2022

Markets will be looking for clues from the Fed ahead, as historically strong month gets underway


Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York City, U.S., March 29, 2022.  Brendan Mcdermid | Reuters

The stock market is heading into what promises to be a volatile second quarter, but April is traditionally the best month of the year for stocks.

The major indices were higher in March, but they turned in a weak performance for the first quarter, the worst since the pandemic. Investors have been worried about rising interest rates, the war in Ukraine and inflation, which was made even worse by disruptions in commodities exports from both Russia and Ukraine.

Stocks are typically higher in April, and it is historically the best month of the year for the S&P 500. The S&P has been higher 70% of the time and has gained an average 1.7% in all Aprils since World War II, according to Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at CFRA. For all months, the S&P averaged a gain of 0.7%.

Amanda Bullock / March 19,2022

100 MW Dutch Solar Panel Fab Moves Forward

Netherlands based manufacturer of lightweight solar panels Solarge that claims its products to have very low carbon footprint, has secured financing from new investors bringing it enough capital to go ahead with a planned solar panel fab with 100 MW annual capacity. In time, it plans to expand this fab to 350 MW.
Investors include Sytse Bouwer of GroenLeven, along with 3 other informal investors that have altogether pooled in an undisclosed but substantial amount in the company.
With the capital in, the Dutch manufacturer plans to start installing the new production line supplied by Mondragon Assembly at its Weert production site in September 2022, with a deadline of January 2023 to start module supply to customers. Per annum production capacity, starting as of 2023 from the 100 MW fab, is planned to be 100,000 panels.

Amanda Bullock / March 19,2022

Tips for Choosing Stocks in Intraday Trading

As we all know, stock trading is advancing every day, and this is the major reason behind its popularity. But investing in stocks is not the same as it used to be. New methods of investment have come into existence for gaining profits in a short span of time. Intraday stock trading is one of them.
However, intraday trading is not that easy, and one needs to have all the information regarding this type of trading to invest and gain on a daily basis. The most vital and basic thing that one should know is how to choose stocks for intraday.One just cannot choose random stocks and start intraday trading. In this section, we will talk about every aspect a trader should think about before choosing stocks for intraday trading. Before we begin with the intraday trading tips and tricks, let’s have a look at the fundamental meaning of intraday trading for a better understanding.
Intraday training: An introduction


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