Amanda Bullock / May 16,2020

Fujitsu and Accenture launch new project to advance blockchain

Fujitsu and Accenture have announced a new joint project titled ‘Hyperledger Cactus’ by Hyperledger and hosted by the Linux Foundation.
The project is described as an open collaborative effort designed to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies.
According to their initial proposal to the community, the companies are looking to develop an open- software (OSS) project for secure and reliable integration between multiple blockchains.
Hyperledger executive director Brian Behlendorf says, “Hyperledger Cactus has moved quickly through the process of becoming a Hyperledger project thanks to the support and initial code contributions of Accenture and Fujitsu and a compelling use case.
“There is strong community interest in facilitating the flow of information and transactions across disparate blockchains, and Hyperledger Cactus is tackling that challenge.

Amanda Bullock / May 09,2020

Seven Traits Your Competitors Learn About Vape Shops

You have actually decided to buy one of the numerous vape stores that have actually sprouted up lately. While there are lots of great things about possessing your own Vape Store, there are likewise some real challenges you ought to be aware of.
It’s not as easy as getting a digital cigarette from your local benefit retail store. There are a handful of necessary differences in between electronic cigarettes as well as vape shops that you must be aware of before you get into company with them.
Among JUUL PODS FOR SALE the most common issues regarding vaping and vapor cigarettes is actually that the premium and also range of the e cigarettes are actually limited. There is actually certainly not a great quantity of these kinds of items. These vape shops tend to offer all forms of common things.

Amanda Bullock / May 09,2020

5 things you should know about tech today

Happy Monday all.
Let’s kick off the week
1.  Zoom goes security shopping
Video communication site du jour, Zoom, is working on beefing up its security, with CEO Eric Yuan implementing a 90-day plan focusing on privacy and security, after a string of incidents with strangers – hello Hamish Blake – dropping uninvited into meetings.
Not all have been pleasant. The Hustle recounts a recent experimental online show by Silicon Valley corporate magician Daniel Chan where an intruder took control of the screen and filled it with porn and racial abuse before he could regain control.

Amanda Bullock / May 01,2020

Top 10 Best Ricoh Scanners 2020

# Preview Product

Top 10 Best Ricoh Scanners 2020
RICOH Printer - Color - Duplex - Laser - A4/Legal - 2400 x 600 dpi - up to 25 ppm (Mono) / up to 25...

Top 10 Best Ricoh Scanners 2020
Ricoh Aficio 100SU e BW Laser Printer with Scanner and Copier

Top 10 Best Ricoh Scanners 2020
Ricoh SP C360SFNw 408168 Color LED Multifunction Printer

Amanda Bullock / May 01,2020

A Pladge for Africa

project syndicate, By Abiy Ahmed

Amanda Bullock / May 01,2020

How To Improve Your Small Business: Office 365 Small Business Guide

One of the best ways to improve your small business is to use Office 365 Small Business. 
Implementing technology into your business makes it more efficient and helps it grow. 
Microsoft Office has stuck around for many years now. It remains the best group of applications for word processing, data entry, and creating presentations.
In this short guide, we will show you why you need to upgrade to Office 365 Small Business for your company.
The Guide to Office 365 Small Business
While you may be using a great alternative, we still believe that Microsoft’s Office suite is still the best option for your business. We advocate for office 365 migration for any small business.
Here is why you should make the change today and how to do it:
It’s Affordable
Dispel the notion that Microsoft Office will break your bank. Microsoft Office now works as a subscription service.

Amanda Bullock / April 25,2020

Beginner’s Guide To Digital Marketing

This is a short and sweet guide to the various types of digital marketing that exist today. You can use any of these ideas in your marketing right now. If you don’t do one of these types of marketing, consider adding it to your strategy.

Content Marketing

In many ways, everything involved with digital marketing focuses on content marketing. This involves creating content that engages, informs, encourages and converts your audience into buying your products and or services.

Search Engine Marketing

This consists of using both paid and unpaid content marketing to get people to visit your website or landing pages. You can use search terms within the content, as well as create ads with search terms for paid marketing that focuses on search terms.

Social Media Marketing

Amanda Bullock / March 24,2020

10 Tech Tips For the Aspiring Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a modern-day artist, and as technology develops it’s clear to see that there is very little that a graphic designer can’t create or animate. If you are finding yourself drawn to this creative career and not sure how to enter the industry, you will need to be getting yourself pretty familiar with the tech that will be the vehicle of your creations. Fear not, we have put together 10 tech tips for the aspiring graphic designers.

1. Don’t skimp on your printing technology

All those bold creations that made you fall in love with graphic design could be largely attributed to the printing technology that brought them to life. Do your research on the best printer for your work, find premium toner cartridges that honour your colours, and use some quality photo or premium gsm paper so that you can have depth in your design.

2. Adobe suite

Amanda Bullock / March 24,2020

What Are the Benefits of Window Tinting for Cars?

After you buy a new car, there are so many different things you can do to improve the look and feel of it and to make it unique.
For example, you can turbocharge its engine or stick a new set of wheels on it. You can also customize the upholstery or equip it with a new sound system.
But one of the biggest improvements you can make is adding window tinting for cars to it. You’ll get to enjoy a long list of benefits when you install tinting on the windows of your new car.
Check out some of the benefits of window tinting below.
Makes Your Car More Private
Want to stop people from gawking at your car and looking inside of it when you’re stopped at a red light? Window tinting can help with this.
Depending on how dark you decide to make your tint, you might be able to cut yourself off from the rest of the world when you’re sitting in the driver’s seat. People won’t be able to see into your car from the outside anymore.

Amanda Bullock / March 24,2020

Packaging Service WordPress Themes for Moving & Packing Companies

Packaging Service WordPress Themes for Moving & Packing Companies

In a modern Internet based reality, when everything and everyone seem to be online, from personal purposes to business marketing, packaging and moving companies lag no behind it. Therefore, this time we decided to share the best packaging service WordPress themes to simplify the search work for relevant services, organizations and agencies, let them go online quickly and make their voice heard loudly.

From providing convenient and secure packages for everyday first aid products to contributing to supply chain operations, families moving away from their residence and settling somewhere else, packaging services are multipurpose.


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