'Alberta is Calling': Province launches new talent recruitment campaign – Lethbridge News Now

Amanda Bullock / November 07,2022

CALGARY, AB – The Government of Alberta has unveiled a new talent recruitment plan targeting skilled workers from Toronto and Vancouver.
The campaign is titled ‘Alberta is Calling’ and aims to attract more professionals to the prairie province. In a news conference on Monday, August 15, 2022, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney touted the advantages of living in Alberta, including lower housing prices and shorter commute to work times, compared to areas like Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
Premier Jason Kenney announcing the ‘Alberta is Calling’ campaign on Monday, August 15, 2022. (Government of Alberta – YourAlberta on YouTube)
The campaign will be launched in two phases, with the first beginning Monday, August 15, 2022.
Kenney said the first phase “will be in transit stations and buses and trains in Vancouver and Toronto areas, and targeted to young professionals across the full range of digital and social media platforms.”
All advertisements promoting the initiative will point to a new website, where citizens can find out more about the advantages of living and working in Alberta.
Kenney explained the second phase will start in mid-September and feature “some bolder and more high impact tactics,” adding that he plans to make a trip to Toronto to launch phase two.
“Alberta is calling to say that your dream lives here,” Kenney stated.
“You can afford a house and be home in time [from work] to spend time with your family. Alberta’s calling to say that there is a better life out here. You can enjoy big city nightlife and culture or world-class natural wonders, all in the same day.”
Kenney added, “Alberta’s calling to say you’re welcome here – everyone, in every occupation, from every walk of life, and every background is welcome. We offer opportunity for all.”
The premier added that Alberta is a province that has been built by newcomers, “recognizing always the critical role of our Indigenous people and our history and our future, but it’s generations and generations of newcomers from every corner of Canada and all around the world who have made Alberta one of the most prosperous and generous societies in the world.”
Kenney continued, “It’s also that population growth. It’s Canadians moving from poverty in their home regions to prosperity in Alberta, to opportunity in this province that have really driven our modern economic history and our diversification.”