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Amanda Bullock / January 13,2023

Brett Goodroad’s Paintings at Greene Naftali Respond to Landscape Genre –

After earning an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2007, Brett Goodroad was looking for work. Having transported grain in bulk as an adolescent, he turned to trucking, and soon fell in with Veritable Vegetable, an organic produce distributor that has been a San Francisco staple since the 1970s. Goodroad recently relocated to Arizona after spending well over a decade transporting vegetables for the company in California and the Southwest. We can imagine visions of the landscape rushing through the windshield and rearview mirrors, the weather—variable sunlight, moonlight, rain, and Bay Area fog—modulating the terrain, regularly revising the passing landscape’s palette, contrast, and sharpness. Goodroad seems to fold this experience of long drives into his slow paintings. As he reflected in 2017, “painting, like the road, is a series of compositional and emotional queues [sic] shifting and changing.”

Amanda Bullock / December 26,2022

Absurdity, masculinity, and a nude Cary Grant: Kurt Kauper’s take on painting

Amanda Bullock / December 12,2022

Meet the Artist: Yocheved Appel of Y.A. Fused Glass


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

Hi, my name is Yocheved Appel. I grew up in South Bend, IN and I now live in Chicago, IL with my husband and three amazing boys. I actually have a Master of Library Science, and I have worked as a children’s librarian. I have also worked in the business office of a nursing home. Although I have enjoyed my previous jobs, creating glass art is my passion. I love the process of designing and creating, as well as the feeling of accomplishment when I look at a finished piece. My studio is my place where I go and get lost in the world of creativity and art.


What inspired you to become an artist?

Over the years my husband and I have loved going to various art studios. A few years ago, I decided to build my own glass studio in my house and I haven’t looked back since!


What is your speciailty?

Amanda Bullock / October 16,2022

How this Punekar is creating food influenced by the art challenge Inktober

How this Punekar is creating food influenced by the art challenge Inktober

How this Punekar is creating food influenced by the art challenge Inktober


Neither is Pranav Joshi a trained chef or has done a course in the culinary arts nor is he a professional artist but what the Punekar does know is the art of storytelling. It is this very skill that he is using to combine his love for food and art to make what he likes to call “Inktober-influenced food”. He does it by using the daily prompts some of which have included words such as ‘gargoyle’, ‘eagle’, ‘forget’ and even some of the most unimaginable words like ‘booger’ and Joshi has a plan for that too.  

Amanda Bullock / April 20,2022

Boutique hotels to stay in Mexico City

Boutique hotels to stay in Mexico City

One of the biggest cities in the world offers the largest hotels, even though Mexico City has renowned hotel groups, for a cozier stay, experience this private boutique hotels that will make you feel right at home.

Pug Seal
Two hotels with different styles but the same luxurious vibe and quality. The one located in Anatole France is the boutique hotel. Inspired by the glamour of la Belle Époque, the interior design (in large of Dirk Jan Kinet) is eclectic and irreverent, full of colors and elements from different cultures. Without a doubt every corner is Instagram worthy. The one located in Allan Poe was inspired by Quetzalcoatl (a deity from the pre-columbian culture), with a Mexican identity, ixv¿elusive spaces and surrounded by art.
Address:  Anatole France 307, Polanco / Edgar Allan Poe 90, Polanco. @pugseal

Amanda Bullock / April 08,2022

Top 10 Popular Dance Forms of India

Top 10 Popular Dance Forms of India

India is known for its diversification in culture and every culture of the country is unique in its way. Dance in India is a divine art form and different dance forms of the cultural communities are expressions of their devotion to Gods. From ancient times to mythological stories of India, dance as a ritual is present everywhere. Like, the other variations, language, cuisine, dresses, and dance is no exception.

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