Inside Shakira’s sweet revenge against ex Gerard Pique

Amanda Bullock / January 21,2023


Hold on tight, Gerard Pique. Shakira’s revenge is only just getting started.

Social media lit up when the Colombian pop star released her new song — “BZRP Music Session #53,” a dance track dissing her ex — earlier this month and it racked up a record-settting 82 million views in 24 hours on YouTube.

Shakira stoked the flames by placing a life-size witch doll on her Barcelona, Spain, balcony in an apparent taunt at her former partner’s mother, who lives next door.

Now, sources told Page Six, she is working a “very empowering” new song with Colombian artist Karol G that is expected to include even more Gerard Pique references.

“This is for you to be mortified, to chew and swallow, swallow and chew/ I won’t get back with you, not if you cry, not even if you beg me,” go the words to “BZRP Music Session #53,” before Shakira adds: “I was out of your league.”

Colombian singer-songwriter Kevyn Cruz, better known as Keityn, told Page Six that some lines were cut from the final version of Shakira’s new song because they were too aggressive.

“Shakira is always going to sing what she feels. When she is in love she sings a love song — but when she’s on the rebound she composes a revenge song because she wants to show how she feels,” Keityn said. “That’s what she wanted here.”

The lyrics also reference former soccer pro Pique’s mother, 60-year-old doctor Montserrat Bernabeu, who lives across the way from Shakira.

“You left me with your mom as a neighbor,” the 45-year-old sings, before letting the world know that Pique kicked her while she was down — specifically, dealing with an alleged unpaid tax debt of more than $14 million which could land Shakira in jail for up to eight years. “The press at my door and a debt with the Treasury.”

(Shakira has denied all charges against her.)

The singer’s balcony overlooks the home that Bernebau shares with her husband, Joan Pique. Recently, pictures of the caped witch doll — its face ghoulish under a pointed black hat and shock of gray hair — staring out at the Piques’ house from Shakira’s mansion emerged.

Pique’s parents are said to have angered Shakira by letting Chia sunbathe around their pool over the summer, within view of the singer’s home. They have not commented on the reports.

According to local reports, Shakira tasked her cleaner with keeping the witch looking neat and tidy by brushing its hair every day. Sources told Page Six it first appeared last August, but vanished for a bit amid speculation that bad weather was to blame.

Earlier this month, Shakira also celebrated the huge success of her new song, which topped global charts on Spotify, with a raucous house party at her $15 million home. She played her new hit at full blast for guests including former soccer star Patrick Kluivert — who, liked Pique, played for FC Barcelona — before blowing kisses from her balcony to fans who had turned up to show their support.

She is now said to be “pushing the accelerator” on her next album — planned, she has told friends, for after she has put her upcoming tax fraud trial behind her.

But sources told Page Six that Shakira is still planning to get out of Barcelona soon.

The singer is expected to relocate to Miami Beach with sons Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven, after signing a child custody agreement with Pique.

Sources say that Shakira has penned two dates in her diary to give herself time to pack for the move to Florida: Either the middle of March, which would coincide with Spring Break in the US, or June, when her sons’ academic year will end in Spain.

The timeline also depends on her 91-year-old father, who has been receiving 24/7 health care at her Barcelona home since his release from a hospital in November after a fall and another undisclosed incident. 

“The later date is looking more likely at the moment,” one insider said. “That would mean Shakira staying another five months in Barcelona. People expected her to leave quietly through a back door but she obviously intends going out with all guns blazing.”

According to ShowNews Today, Shakira reportedly found out that Pique had a new woman in his life when her jam began disappearing — as neither Pique nor their sons care for the sweet spread.

Shakira’s melodic onslaught against Pique and his new gal pal Clara Chia, an advertising and public relations graduate he reportedly hired to work at his talent firm Kosmos, is a reflection of the singer’s tendency to inject her real life into her music.

She has also dedicated songs to her old boyfriend Antonio de la Rúa, son of former Argentinian president Fernando de la Rúa, both while they dated and after they split.

Pique reportedly put himself in his ex’s firing line by taking up with Chia — who, at 23, is nearly half Shakira’s age.

“I’m worth two 22-year-olds … You traded in a Rolex for a Casio,” Shakira slams both Pique and Chia on her new song.

Last month, Pique’s mother was pictured cozying up to Chia during a Christmas stroll in a mountain village near Barcelona where Shakira and her ex once shared a holiday home.

Two years ago, Shakira named and shamed her mother-in-law over a shaggy blonde haircut the singer sported when being honored by the French Ministry of Culture in 2012.

“The worst mistake of my life. Mother-in-law, I’ll never follow your health and beauty recommendations ever again,” she growled in an interview, offering a foretaste of what was to come.

Barcelona-based paparazzi Jordi Martin, who has documented the lives of Pique and Shakira since they started dating more than a decade ago, told Page Six their relationship had been on the rocks for some time before they announced they had split.

The photographer, who openly admits to being “pro-Shakira” and “anti-Pique,” insisted: “I think the humiliation she’s inflicted on him with this song is the least she could have done.”

“Right after the break-up I saw Shakira looking very down, but she’s a completely different woman right now … She looks happy when I see her and is usually smiling — and why wouldn’t she be when she’s making so much money with this new song.”