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Amanda Bullock / September 16,2021

Difference Between Beyond Meat and Beef

Difference Between Beyond Meat and Beef

With the rising health concerns associated with diet and food habits, many people are turning to healthier options. Everybody loves meat and meat based products, especially burgers. In fact, meat has been a huge part of our diet growing up as kids. But now, people are adding more and more vegetarian recipes into their diet plans. For most people the transition is not so easy because we all are creatures of habit and culture. Beyond Meat is one such company that is making that transition easy for us by creating plant-based meat substitutes that are just as good as the real thing.

Amanda Bullock / April 12,2021

Healthy Snacks To Satisfy Unhealthy Cravings

Healthy Snacks To Satisfy Unhealthy Cravings

From roasted chickpeas to natural jerky, healthy snacks have never been tastier.

Amanda Bullock / November 26,2020


One of the most popular commercials in the U.K. features Snoop Dogg rapping about various fast food items for online delivery service Just Eat.
The 60-second ad finds the West Coast legend name-dropping chicken wings, burgers, pickles, wonton, noodles, tacos, fried rice, chocolate fondue and seafood, and he’s reportedly made millions of dollars from it. According to The Sun in May, Snoop had made £5.3 million from the commercial, which converts to just over $7 million.
“It’s easy money and the adverts have proved a hit with audiences,” a music insider said. “Snoop is a legendary character so the negotiation took time and plenty of cash. But having him on board has not only driven sales, it’s given the brand a massive boost. People have been going mad for it on social media, it’s easily Just Eat’s most successful advert … The deal has been a massive success for all involved — Snoop’s laughing all the way to the bank.”

Amanda Bullock / July 11,2020

15 Best North End Restaurants in Boston

15 Best North End Restaurants in Boston
From old-fashioned and standbys that are family-friendly present and romantic must-tries, listed here is where you should consume within the North End at this time.
Edited by Jenna Pelletier, with extra reporting by Jacqueline Cain and Brittany Jasnoff. | Updated in May 2019
Bova’s Bakery. / Photograph by Jared Kuzia
For Stargazing Arya Trattoria 253 Hanover St., 617-742-1276, aryanorthend.

Amanda Bullock / June 16,2020

What to expect from El Celler de Can Roca’s new chocolatier and hotel

Spanish fine-dining powerhouse El Celler de Can Roca was twice named the “World’s Best Restaurant” by Restaurant Magazine. Not to mention the three Michelin stars that it has maintained since 2009.

While the restaurant’s closure due to the coronavirus pandemic ends next week, its new stablemate Casa Cacao is already back in business.

Owned by the acclaimed Roca brothers who also own El Celler de Can Roca — namely Joan, Josep and Jordi — Casa Cacao is, as its name implies, a world-class “house of chocolates.”

A chocolatier and boutique hotel in the heart of Girona

Set in a historic five-story building in downtown Girona that once housed a hostel, Casa Cacao is a bean-to-bar chocolatier operated by Jordi Roca, the youngest brother and current pastry chef of El Celler de Can Roca. Hotel Casa Cacao, a 15-room luxury boutique hotel is located in the same building; it’s managed by Anna Payet, the wife of Joan Roca.

Amanda Bullock / June 08,2020

4 Smart Reasons Why You Should Use Temporary Climate Control in Food Manufacturing Facilities

Poor control of indoor temperature is known as one of the most common contributing factors in food poisoning, spoilage, and wastage. This is because microbial growth is increased when food products are exposed to warmer temperatures. According to an article by Croner-i, temperature control is a crucial component of food safety management.
If you happen to be in the food manufacturing industry, you should be aware that equipment and machines for temperature control shouldn’t be taken lightly; to not put your products at risk. This is why you must hire a reliable and trusted contractor such as Active Air Rentals for your temporary climate control needs.
Below are smart reasons why you should use temporary climate control in food manufacturing facilities.
Improve Food Quality and Shelf Life

Amanda Bullock / May 25,2020


Coffee is amongst the important areas of the contemporary life. Initially, coffee ended up being utilized to help keep us awake throughout the long day that is working. Nowadays, this has end up being the many kind that is popular of around the world.
A complete tradition was developed around drinking and appreciating coffee. From home-made coffees to coffee stores, it offers us with great environment to hold down with buddies and revel in moments of life.
The appreciation towards coffee is expressed through different positive and coffee that is humorous. These quotes portray the passion for many individuals for coffee additionally the significance of coffee within the contemporary life style.
“To me personally, the scent of fresh-made coffee is among the best inventions. ” – by Hugh Jackman

Amanda Bullock / May 16,2020

Here are the right dairy cow breeds to keep in your region

Best Dairy Cow in Kenya: Before you venture into dairy farming, you will do well to know the best dairy cow breed that suits your region. Take a look:

These dairy cows are large and they usually exhibit the typical pied coat pattern (black and white). They are outstanding milk producers and if kept under good management, they can be milked up to three times a day. Their milk, however, has the lowest butterfat content of 2.5 to 3.6 per cent and about 3.1 per cent protein.

Since the Kenyan market is milk-volume oriented, this breed makes the best option for all commercial operations especially in the Kenyan highlands like Nairobi, Central areas and cooler parts of the Rift Valley like Nakuru, Naivasha, Kitale and Laikipia, among others.

Amanda Bullock / April 24,2020

10 Smart Alternatives For Hard-To-Find Grocery Store Ingredients

With a huge percentage of the population staying at home as the world weathers the coronavirus, there has been a massive increase in home cooking. If you’ve visited a grocery store or attempted to place an Instacart order recently, you’re probably familiar with the picked-over state of the shelves, butcher counters and produce sections as folks try to stock up on essentials.

Unfortunately, this uptick in grocery shopping means that certain high-demand items are consistently challenging to find. And this list includes crucial staples like pasta, rice, flour and milk.

Luckily, many of these hard-to-find items have easier-to-locate alternatives, which could be well worth a try if you’d rather avoid unnecessary supermarket stress. We asked a group of chefs and kitchen pros for their favorite under-the-radar ingredient substitutions, and they delivered with this list of 10 replacement suggestions.

Pasta: Instead, try shirataki or rice noodles

Amanda Bullock / March 24,2020

Here’s How to Order Food From Your Home Using Cryptocurrency

Here’s How to Order Food From Your Home Using Cryptocurrency

Here’s How to Order Food From Your Home Using Cryptocurrency
Staying home during the coronavirus epidemic reduces the risk of getting infected with the deadly covid-19. The disease, which has already claimed the lives of over 20,000 people globally, spreads through human contact. Food is one of the few basic necessities that can regularly get you out of your house. That’s why food delivery companies have been among the few businesses that hire right now. Luckily some of them will accept your crypto.
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