Amanda Bullock / June 02,2020

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WoodMac: Wind, Solar and Storage to Dominate Europe’s Power Grid by 2030

Europe’s power system will look very different in 2030, with energy storage supporting the “dominance” of wind and solar generation, according to new research from Wood Mackenzie. The big five European markets — Germany, the U.K., France, Italy and Spain — will get the majority of their power from wind, solar and other variable renewable…

By 2030 energy storage will beat gas peakers on cost across all our target markets, resulting in a cloudy outlook for any new future peaking turbines. Fuel and carbon prices are on the up, technology costs are not set for any major decreases and net-zero policies will eventually target the decarbonization of all power market services.
Rory McCarthy, Wood Mackenzie principal analyst

Hey Tesla, China’s Nio has completed 500,000 battery swaps

Tesla once promised battery swaps for its electric cars as a quicker alternative to charging, before abandoning the idea. Now Chinese automaker Nio has succeeded where Tesla could not, completing 500,000 battery swaps in its home market as of May 26, just over two years after the first battery-swap station opened. Nio unveiled its Power Swap…

Energy investment to drop 20% in 2020: A turning point toward greening the grid?

Global energy investment was predicted to be at its highest in six years, according to the International Energy Agency. But in its annual World Energy Investment report out last Friday, the energy authority has dramatically changed its trendlines. The IEA anticipates that total energy investment is anticipated to drop by 20%—nearly $400 billion—in 2020…

Alabama Power’s Smart Neighborhood wins award

Alabama Power‘s Smart Neighborhood has been awarded the 2020 Smart Grid award by POWER Magazine. Aaron Larson, executive editor of POWER Magazine, says the company’s blend of modern technology and energy efficiency in the project is one of the reasons his team selected Alabama Power for this year’s award…

As technology continues to evolve, this research initiative will help Alabama Power understand how neighborhoods of the future will function. The project serves not only as a model for new residential communities, but lessons learned could also benefit existing customers in more established communities.
Aaron Larson

Study Finds Key Indicators to Balance Green Energy Harvesting Against Storage

A study reported recently in the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, by AIP Publishing, determines the main indicators that will help strike the balance between the harvesting capability and the green energy storage capacity, as well as find out a region’s energy potential. The study was performed by Jacek Kapica, from the University of Life…

The wind and solar energy s have big potential. However, in order to increase their share in the overall production, there is a need for a greater storage capacity.
Jacek Kapica, Researcher, University of Life Sciences

Physicists hunt for superconductors that can revolutionise world’s energy system

Waste heat is all around you. On a small scale, if your phone or laptop feels warm, that’s because some of the energy powering the device is being transformed into unwanted heat. On a larger scale, electric grids, such as high power lines, lose over 5 per cent of their energy in the process of transmission. In an electric power industry that generated…

Finnish contractor eyes green data in the Nordics

Finnish construction company YIT is planning to develop data centres for clients across the Nordic region powered by wind turbines, hydropower and solar panels, with the added bonus of being able to sell on any excess heat energy. YIT has strong ties in the region and is already eyeing up sites in Norway, Finland and Sweden, and can assess an…

HECO selects 16 solar-energy storage projects as part of 2020s renewables ramp-up

Hawaiian Electric, which has committed itself to 100 percent renewable energy within the next 25 years, announced 16 new solar plus storage or standalone battery projects it has selected for procurement on the islands. HECO already is moving toward a 30-percent renewable energy generation portfolio by the end of the year. The projects awarded by the…

Oil Major Total Shifts to Clean Energy With U.K. Wind Farm Stake

French oil company Total SA has bought a 51% stake from utility SSE Plc in the development of a massive wind farm off the coast of Scotland. The 70-million-pound investment ($88 million) in the Seagreen 1 wind farm will be Total’s first significant foray into offshore wind as it seeks to expand its green energy business. SSE could also be in line for future…

It could be the perfect project for exposure to evolving offshore wind projects. If you are an oil and gas company wanting to go big in offshore then you want to know how future projects might look, not the old stuff.
Tom Harries, a wind analyst at BloombergNEF

Tigo Energy Certifies NeoVolta NV14 Energy Storage System for Interoperability

Tigo Energy, a Silicon Valley-based global leader in optimization and monitoring solutions for solar panel arrays, has announced the compatibility of its DC-to-DC systems with the NeoVolta NV14 home solar battery. On April 22, 2020, Tigo certified that four of its products performed seamlessly with the NV14 in standard testing…

Tigo is one of the most trusted names in PV technology, so this is a very important certification for us. Because the NeoVolta NV14 storage system is compatible with Tigo’s DC optimization and monitoring modules, homeowners who combine the two will enjoy many years of peak performance, savings, and safety.
NeoVolta CEO Brent Willson

AC Energy eyes taking over Australian RE firm

AC Energy Inc. has started its bid to take over an Australia-based renewable energy (RE) developer as part of its efforts to expand its RE portfolio, its parent firm Ayala Corp. said on Wednesday. In a filing, the Ayala-led conglomerate said AC Energy affiliate UAC Energy Holdings Pty. Ltd. made a tender offer for Infigen Energy Ltd. The offer is subject to certain…

We have ready access to capital and significant renewable energy expertise that will position us well to support Infigen’s pipeline of projects and focus on much needed renewable energy investment and associated employment in Australia.
UAC Energy Chairman Anton Rohner said

BlackRock focuses on China credit, oil and travel in Asia

The world’s biggest asset manager, BlackRock Inc, called out oil stocks, domestic tourism and debt in China and India as investment opportunities in its Asia outlook on Wednesday. The manager of $6.5 trillion in assets expects it may be 2022 at the earliest before global growth returns to trend but said in a statement outlining its regional outlook that…

We see oil prices rising from the current $30 plus range over our (1.5-2 year) investment horizon. Price-to-book values in India and Indonesia are at 1-2 decade lows.
Stephen Andrews, the fund’s co-head of global emerging market equities

Are Diamonds The Future Of Energy Storage?

The advance of renewable energy and electric vehicles (EVs) has incentivized scientists to look into various ways to solve the problem with efficient energy storage, which is the key to wider adoption of green energy technologies. Most research focuses on batteries—how to make lithium-ion batteries safer and more efficient or how other, cheaper…

Similar to a compressed coil or children’s wind-up toy, energy can be released as the twisted bundle unravels.
Dr. Haifei Zhan from the QUT Centre for Materials Science

Mini-grids can electrify thousands of health centres in sub-Saharan Africa

The idea for AMDA was created at a World Bank meeting in 2016 in Nairobi, where the World Bank energy team was basically talking to governments in East Africa about what their objectives were and how they were planning to complete those objectives. Of course, universal electrification is on everyone’s mind and the governments…

Cyanobacteria and nanomaterials give solar cell a boost

Strategically-designed nanomaterials have been used to optimize the performance of a solar cell that incorporates photosynthesizing cyanobacteria. The work was done by Jae Ryoun Youn, Young Seok Song and colleagues at Seoul National University and Dankook University in South Korea. What is especially impressive about their new technology is…


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