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Amanda Bullock / January 14,2022

Things to Know Before Using Slimming-Susenji Gold

Things to Know Before Using Slimming-Susenji Gold

Getting rid of excess fat can sometimes prove to be stressful. Whereas there are so many techniques you can leverage, not all will guarantee maximum results. But that’s not to say you should give up on your weight loss journey. With the correct measures in place, it will only be a matter of time before you achieve the body of your dreams.
For those who might have no idea on the perfect way to lose weight without putting you under extreme stress, they you’re better off trying Susenji Gold slimming gel. Combined with a massage therapy, this product can work wonders on your weight loss regimen. Before giving it a try, it is important that you have an insight into what is destined to come your way.
Fortunately, that’s what this simple guide will help you uncover today. Below are some of the things you need to know before using Susenji slimming gel in Singapore.
What makes it Special?

Amanda Bullock / December 21,2021

Do Flares Work Underwater and How Long Will It Stay Burning?

Flares are a great tool to have on hand as they serve a multitude of purposes. Since the beginning of their development, new and innovative ways have been discovered on how to use them in a wide range of scenarios. Whether you need to illuminate a dark area, send a distress signal, or need a defense countermeasure, flares are effective in all these fields.

Amanda Bullock / November 16,2021

How Higher Testosterone Levels Lead To Better Natural Immunity

How Higher Testosterone Levels Lead To Better Natural Immunity

In The TOT Bible, I outline numerous physical and mental health benefits of using therapeutic testosterone.
However, one area I failed to dive deep into was the connection between testosterone and the immune system.
As we come closer to the end of 2021, we now live in a world with engineered bioweapons and viral endemics.
Those who used the past ~2 years of the pandemic to train smart, eat cleaner, and improve their overall health have been greatly rewarded.
Those who let themselves go now find themselves exponentially behind the curve, having increased the likelihood of falling victim to age-related diseases.
Even scarier is how it’s not just the old people becoming frailer — younger adults have put themselves in a very dangerous position:

Amanda Bullock / October 22,2021

Romantic like might referred to as a faith of two, but really love pairs could be infected by triangles

Romantic like might referred to as a faith of two, but really love pairs could be infected by triangles
From our infantile connect with mama through Oedipal struggles of childhood on attraction

Amanda Bullock / September 16,2021

How to choose the correct face mask

The ongoing pandemic has made wearing a face mask indispensable. Face masks such as the p2 mask, N95 mask, and surgical mask are crucial for the safety of front-line workers and the public to reduce the spread of the virus. Choosing the correct face mask is thus very important. It should not only be of good quality but also should be comfortable to the wearer.
Types of face masks
Choosing the correct type of face mask is essential, based on each individual’s requirement and context. Here are the most commonly available face masks and their respective advantages:

Amanda Bullock / May 19,2021

Creating better communication with kids

Creating better communication with kids

Improve communication skills and resolve conflicts
He’s making fun of me.
She said she wasn’t my friend any more.
She invited everyone to be in her club except me.
He said I was weird.  It hurt my feelings.
Helping kids get along with each other can be quite a challenge.  Some days it feels like all we do as parents and educators is try to keep kids from fighting and arguing while teaching better ways to get along. It can be tempting to just assume or hope that kids will figure it out on their own, but a better system is to create an ongoing plan for teaching social skills.  Young kids are learning skills that will serve them as adults so it can be a critical time to do more than just provide consequences for misbehavior. Learning to handle conflict and to communicate well with others will serve kids in even more ways than the academics they are learning.

Amanda Bullock / May 09,2021

4 Tech Innovations That Are Shaking Up the Healthcare Industry

Advances in technology are sometimes difficult to keep up with, but these changes continue to shift our expectations and lifestyles. To see the latest movie that has captured our interest, we can go to a theater. Or we can rent it from a streaming service app. We can earn fully accredited degrees from home and control our appliances from our smartphones when we’re away.

Tech improvements are also shifting the control we have in our relationships with service providers, including doctors. We have more access to information about our health and new ways to get it. STI testing and hormone deficiency screenings that once required an office visit can now be done from home.

Amanda Bullock / March 05,2021

Tips for women who are trying to conceive

To optimize women’s fertility, taking better care of your bodies is a good first step. But what else can women do to improve their odds of having a baby? 

Amanda Bullock / February 21,2021

5 Tips to Stay Calm While Playing Online Games

5 Tips to Stay Calm While Playing Online Games

Ears drumming, breath shaking, blood boiling, the impulse to smash everything in the room seems much better than going back to the game you just quit. How do you exactly deal with anger, anxiety, and other pure emotions that make you love your gaming time? Rage quitting is the epitome of how playing online games can relieve stress. It calls for the need to do a 180-degree turn for it not to become the primary cause of stress. 

But why exactly do we players love playing games especially while they are stressed? Why do they enjoy it in general?

Amanda Bullock / February 11,2021

Is Dieting Affecting Your Dating Life?

Is Dieting Affecting Your Dating Life?

A Crash Course in The Chemistry of Love and How Nutrition Impacts Human Connection
By Libby Hill, RDN, LDN
Is Dieting Affecting Your Dating Life?
Whether you’re in the dating game, in a relationship, or loving the single life and wanting to build other meaningful relationships, nutrition should be on your list of priorities! Sadly, proper nutrition can’t save you from boilerplate pickup lines on your favorite dating app, but it can help support meaningful connections when they come about.
A Crash Course in the Chemistry of Love


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