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Amanda Bullock / March 23,2020

Viral Social Horizons: Keeping Perspective Amid the Distorting Swirl

What curious days… I feel the gray of the day and the chaotic imposition as our times change. I feel the static in the air from the viral storm that has descended. I feel the void within the forced increase of ‘interpersonal social spacing’. I’m scared and lonely too.
This morning, I turned my head towards heaven and full of indignation (infused with despair) I stared into the belly of that great cloud above my head. Brazenly, I questioned Deity. I focused on my deep discontent as I railed against the moment. I saw only the black underbelly of the dark shroud as it parked above me.
I howled from my heart: “I am a Social Entity!”, “I require comfort!”, “I must have touch… I want to be nested with another through my Fear”.

Amanda Bullock / March 22,2020

Top tips for greener driving

Top tips for greener driving

Top tips for greener driving
Automotive manufacturers have been encouraging greener driving recently, even fitting eco-driving indicators on newer models. These green driving tips will help you save on fuel- reducing your consumption by as much as 20 percent, whilst making you a more eco-friendly road user. Used Citroen C1 dealership Motorparks have given us their top green driving tips:
1.      No need for speed


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