12 Non-Turkey Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids to Make & Do

Amanda Bullock / October 22,2021
12 Non-Turkey Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids to Make & Do

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Don’t forget about Thanksgiving! But forget the turkey! These are 12 crafts that are non-turkey but still fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids to make and activities to do!
Once Halloween is over, my mind automatically goes straight to Christmas. Wait… what happened to Thanksgiving?
With Thanksgiving coming up, I think it’s time we do some of these Thanksgiving crafts and activities!
And I’m leaving out the main ingredient! These are all non-turkey Thanksgiving Day crafts and activities that the kids can do. If you really want the turkey, you can gobble up these 10 turkey crafts.
12 Non-Turkey Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids to Make & Do
Indian Corn Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Make some colorful indian corn using popcorn kernels! – Coffee Cups & Crayons
Make a mosaic using craft foam to fill in an entire ear of indian corn. – No Time for Flash Cards
Dye pumpkin seeds to make this beautiful indian corn craft for Thanksgiving. – I Heart Crafty Things
Simple candy corn in a jar makes an adorable scarecrow for a Thanksgiving centerpiece! – Housing a Forest
Kids can make these scarecrows that are just their size!
Scarecrows from a brown paper bag are so cute! – Mom to 2 Posh Li’l Divas
Giving and Thankfulness Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities
Make a gratitude tree with the kids! – Kids Activities Blog
Use these thankful conversation starters to get kids talking around the dinner table.
Create a thankfulness tree! – Coffee Cups & Crayons
More Fall & Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
With a set of colored fall leaves, do a Thanksgiving candy sort! – Smart School House
Make a gorgeous wreath with colored handprints for Thanksgiving. – Kiwi Crate
Paint some colored leaves, using a credit card of all things, and make them into fall napkin rings. – Happy Hooligans

Okay… now you can go check out the 10 turkey crafts for kids too!

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