FTFNYT Open Thread: Once Again, Dean Baquet Steps On His Own… Message

Amanda Bullock / April 09,2022

New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet has issued a Twitter "reset" for the newsroom, urging reporters to "meaningfully reduce" their twitter time and reminding them that tweets and subtweets attacking or undermining their colleagues are not allowed https://t.co/kM0OldIVxS
— Steven Perlberg (@perlberg) April 7, 2022

When An Individual of Merit has built themselves a (very *nice*, in every sense of the word) career out of assiduous resume-polishing, it is perhaps understandable that they resent underbred upstarts ginning up ‘a following’ by sharing ‘snark’ on some random techno-toy pleased to call itself ‘a media’.
Up with such tomfoolery, The Dean Baquet will not put!

Honestly? The NYTimes should pay DougJ a substantial amount to pre-view their headlines, and their headliners, as a way of avoiding some of the most egregious public #FAIL in their timeline…

But seriously, Spiers is quite correct:

BONUS appearance, from a vintage blog chewtoy, Megan McArgleBargle!