ASUC creates position to manage grants, scholarships

Amanda Bullock / June 01,2020

ASUC creates position to manage grants, scholarships

The ASUC recently created the position of chief grants and scholarships officer, or CGO, to handle all ASUC-managed grants and scholarships.

According to the bill that created the CGO position, all grants and scholarships will now be handled separately under the position, instead of under the academic affairs vice president, or AAVP. The CGO will be compensated with a $2,000 stipend, as well as additional discretionary funds to work on projects, according to AAVP Nicole Anyanwu.

The position was created to better prioritize grant and scholarship responsibilities, and efficiently organize and distribute different awards, according to the bill. Previously, one of the responsibilities of the AAVP was managing the ASUC’s grants and scholarships — a time-consuming task, Anyanwu noted.

“There were a lot of issues with the efficiency of the AAVP in terms of getting these scholarships and grants out to students in a timely manner,” Anyanwu said.

Moving these duties outside of the Academic Affairs office will free the AAVP from the additional uncompensated work of managing scholarships and grants, according to the bill. While the CGO is a new position, most of its structure existed under the AAVP, said ASUC Chief Legal Officer Athalia Djuhana.

While there is no official process in creating a new position in the ASUC, Djuhana said ASUC bylaws ensure that positions in the ASUC receive adequate funding and a clear portfolio to oversee in the association.

“Having this position will also allow the ASUC to better serve students communities who are marginalized and underserved while simultaneously encouraging excellence in academics, leadership, community service, and more,” said ASUC spokesperson Annie Pan in an email.

Anyanwu also said anyone in the student body can petition for the creation of a new appointed officer position if they see a need, and coordinate with a senator or executive officer to see that the position is created.

The ASUC will send out the application for the CGO position on its official Facebook page in the next couple weeks, according to Anyanwu. Applicants will be interviewed, selected and onboarded this summer before starting their role in the fall.