Amanda Bullock / September 30,2022

Court docket accepts revision petition to survey the mosque in Mathura. newest information of india


The petitioners stated a revision petition searching for a survey of the Shahi Idgah Masjid in Mathura earlier than listening to the land dispute declare within the Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi case was admitted within the courtroom of an extra district choose on Monday.

In response to petitioner and lawyer Rajendra Maheshwari, the courtroom has mounted the matter for listening to on August 11.

The day-to-day listening to within the dispute case was scheduled to start on Monday earlier than the courtroom of Civil Choose (Senior Division), Mathura, however was postponed on account of revision petition.

The petition challenged the July 21 order of the civil courtroom, which had directed that the applying difficult the steadiness of the case by the Shahi Idgah Masjid Administration Committee be heard first.

Amanda Bullock / January 01,2022

“Queen Elizabeth II” Victim or villain?

Whereas the evidence below provides good reason to suggest that Elizabeth Windsor has little choice in what she says and does, and that under Common law we must presume innocence before guilt, the question can only go unanswered or we will fall foul to hearsay.
There are plenty of people who dislike the monarchy because of her affiliations and alleged practices, there has been an ongoing campaign against the Royals as the NWO must remove them and 1000 years of our heritage, so much has been stated about Elizabeth II that may not be correct, but even if some of it is true, and she has done terrible things, are they of her own free will?…can anything that she has done, or has been accused of doing be said to have been done with ‘malice aforethought’ (criminal intent)? The answer to this by any truly honest man or woman has to be a resounding no. We cannot decide the facts without all of the facts being available, simple.

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