How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls

Amanda Bullock / February 10,2023
How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls
  • How To Get Rid Of Sideburns - 3 Tips For Girls
  • Tip 1: Get A Depilatory Cream
  • Tip 2: Try an Epilating Tool
  • Tip 3: Use a Wax
  • In Conclusion
  • Application Process
  • Required Supplies:
  • Application Process
  • Required Supplies:
  • Application Process
  • How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls

    The difference between men and women is highly noticeable when it comes to dealing with facial hair. While the guys let it all grow out, you may be in constant vigilance for new hair removal techniques you can adopt.

    If you have taken care of the brows and the moustache on your own, your eyes are perhaps set on knowing how to get rid of sideburns.

    Removing long or messy hair on both sides of the face is not a common practice for many ladies. In case it becomes the central focus of your date or it hinders you from getting one at all, though, it has to go.

    There is no reason for you to be ashamed of asking your hairstylist to shave them off. But if it really bothers you, feel free to check out these tips that are easy to follow at home.

    Table of Contents

    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns - 3 Tips For GirlsTip 1: Get A Depilatory CreamTip 2: Try an Epilating ToolTip 3: Use a WaxIn Conclusion

    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns - 3 Tips For Girls

    Tip 1: Get A Depilatory Cream

    Mild Facial Cleanser

    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls


    The cleaning product you need to use on your face should have gentle ingredients to prevent the appearance of skin irritation after applying the epilating cream.

    Hair Removal Cream

    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls


    There are various depilatory creams you will find in the pharmacy, yet pick the one that states that it is safe to utilize on the face.

    Getting this product has to be accomplished with utmost care since your facial tissues are thinner compared to the tissues you have in other parts of the body.

    An ideal hair removal cream for face needs to contain moisturizing agents so as to keep those patches of skin hydrated.

    Cotton Pad

    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls

    In case the solution does not come with an applicator, you may squeeze a bit of the product on a cotton pad and smear it on your sideburns. It means your hands will not be in contact with the cream even when you wipe it off.

    Application Process

    The method makes use of a chemical product that can burn off the hair above the skin surface.

    As a way of ensuring that the ingredients will not cause long-term adverse effects on your skin, we suggest that you perform the skin test as indicated by the manufacturer. Once you have determined that you are not allergic to its composition, keep an eye on this process:

    Step 1. Wash Your Face.

    Make sure that the skin is devoid of any cosmetics so that the depilatory solution can adhere to the unwanted hair well.

    Step 2. Apply The Cream Liberally.

    It requires you to cover the sideburns with the product. The amount you need to apply depends on how long or dense the facial hair is. Use the cloth pad when doing this second step.

    Step 3. Wait For The Epilating Cream To Take Effect.

    The instructions on the packaging will inform you regarding the number of minutes it will take the epilator to do its magic. It only lasts for five to 10 minutes on an average, however.

    Step 4. Clean The Area.

    Wipe the surface with a wet cloth pad.Ideally, all the hair on the sides of your face will get removed along with the depilatory cream.

    Tip 2: Try an Epilating Tool

    Required Supplies:


    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls


    It is an electric-operated tool that can grip several pieces of hair at once. To understand how it functions, you can think of it as an electrical razor. Their difference, however, is that an epilator pulls the strands out while the latter just shaves the visible hair close to the skin.

    The construction of every epilating tool in the market is unique, but the general idea is that it has a switch at the center, an adapter, and one or two epilator heads. You may get the type that is operational in both dry and wet situations as well.


    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls

    If you have tried Brazilian waxing, you know from experience that yanking off longer hair strands is more painful than removing the ones that are at least half an inch short.

    A similar principle applies to epilation; that’s why you need to trim your sideburns with a clean pair of scissors prior to getting rid of them.


    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls

    This device is essential in case there are wisps of hair that the epilator has not managed to take out. You may use it to manually eliminate those idlers so that you are left with smooth, hairless sides of the face.

    Application Process

    The epilating tool is for you if you wish to deal with your facial hair two to three times a month instead of every other day. It may not tug the strands from the roots, but it is no different from threading that does not utilize chemicals to complete the process.

    Step 1. Cut The Sideburns Short.

    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls


    Trim the unwanted hair as the first step. Be careful with your scissors because you do not want to make the error of cutting away until only stubbles are left.

    Step 2. Assemble The Epilator.

    Combine the pieces of the device together. Plug it in as well as in a safe socket.

    Step 3. Remove Hair From Bottom To Top.

    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls


    This is how to get rid of sideburns using an electrical epilator. It has to begin from the bottom so that you have enough time to figure out the shape of the hair you will leave behind.

    Step 4. Tweeze Leftover Strands.

    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls


    Once you are contented with it, go over the sides of your face with a tweezer to guarantee that you have cleared the wisps.

    Tip 3: Use a Wax

    Required Supplies:

    Waxing Kit

    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls


    Waxing can now be done at home, thanks to  waxing kits that are available even in local beauty stores.

    A great tip when choosing your kit is to purchase the cold wax, a substance thicker than honey which may or may not come with a plastic spatula, in case you do not do well with heat.

    But if you can tolerate it, take the hard form of wax that you can soften with the help of a microwave or by submerging its lower part in boiling water.

    Talcum Powder

    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls


    Assuming you are very eager to try this method, know that it is not recommendable to do it without talc within reach.

    This powder will serve as a  cushion between skin and wax so that the latter will mostly stick on the sideburns. A baby powder is what we often use for this.

    Cloth Strips (Optional)

    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls


    We say that having cloth strips is elective because there are new versions of hot wax that hardens when they cool down, and so you may peel a patch of it off on its own. The conventional or cold waxes, however, still require cloth strips to remove unwanted hair.

    Soothing Gel

    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls


    The severity of the reddening of the skin after waxing is not the same for everyone. The area gets slightly inflamed since the process necessitates you to quickly pull the wax to get rid of as much hair as possible.

    The redness will go down, however, after a few minutes, especially if you  apply soothing gel on it.

    Application Process

    Waxing suits the lifestyle of career women and busy mothers as the new hair will require a few  weeks to regrow. The procedure has to begin with a clean face and trimmed hair at all times.

    For your convenience, though, we have outlined the steps you should follow when using either cold or hot wax.

    For Cold Wax:

    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls


    Step 1. Apply The Thick Substance.

    Use the spatula to apply a heavy  layer of the cold wax on the skin. Match the direction of the sideburns when doing so.

    Step 2. Press The Cloth Strip Over It And Pull.

    Tighten your skin as you place the strip of cloth on the wax to eliminate a lot of hair. Pull it fast opposite the hair’s growth direction.

    Step 3. Wash And Rub In The Soothing Gel.

    This product is often sticky, so clean the surface with warm water before applying the gel.

    For Hot Wax:

    How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls


    Step 1. Heat Up The Wax.

    Read the heating guide on the box of the waxing kit before you proceed. See if it is microwaveable or not to avoid mishaps.

    Step 2. Spread Talcum Powder On The Sideburns.

    You may put the talc directly on the sides of the face with your fingers or a makeup brush. A sprinkle of it is enough.

    Step 3. Smear Over The Hair Once Slightly Warm.

    When the wax is no longer burning hot, rub it on using the applicator in the same growth path of the sideburns.

    Step 4. Pull The Strip Of Wax Off.

    Before it cools down completely, place the cloth strip over the wax to allow them to stick together. If the product does not need that, however, let it harden prior to yanking the strip against the direction of the hair.

    Step 5. Apply The Soothing Gel.

    Remove excess wax and soothe the area with the cooling gel.

    In Conclusion

    The three tips we have discussed above have the common objective of helping you learn how to get rid of sideburns without professional assistance.

    In case you cannot decide regarding the process that is applicable for you, think of how fast your hair grows or how high your pain tolerance is.

    The cream works efficiently on thin sideburns, and the epilating tool is great if you prefer not using chemical products, but hot or cold wax can remove a lot of hair simultaneously. Make a choice now or try them all if you like.

    Let us know what your choice is in the Comments section, and do not be shy of sharing this good news on your friends’ profile pages. Good luck!

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