Amanda Bullock / May 09,2020

How to Know the Android Version on All Mobiles

How to Know the Android Version on All Mobiles

In mobiles, cameras, screen or battery are not only important, a determining factor is the version of Android that we have. Having one or the other version can make the difference between the possibilities of our mobile and that is why we are going to teach you to know the version of the system of our mobile, being an aspect that all users should know how to find.
How to Know the Android Version on All Mobiles
How to Know the Android Version on All Mobiles

Amanda Bullock / April 22,2020

Old iPhone models that are still worth getting

Apple released the iPhone SE 2020 last week. It’s Apple’s most affordable iPhone in its current lineup. However, the PHP 26,490 price tag might be steep for some. If that’s the case, why not settle for older iPhone models that are still good but cheaper than the iPhone SE 2020. Check them out below.


Before we proceed, let us remind you to be careful when purchasing older iPhone models as most are second-hand units with an expired warranty or could be refurbished. So, check and test if it’s working before you buy it.


iPhone 6s/6s Plus

Amanda Bullock / April 20,2020

YouTube Music vs. YouTube Premium

YouTube Music vs. YouTube Premium

YouTube Music, like Spotify and Apple Music, is a music streaming service that was developed by YouTube. It gives users the chance to go through the tracks as well as music videos that are ordinarily found on YouTube, but here they are categorized by genres and recommendations.
Still under YouTube although in the premium tier is YouTube Premium. It is everything YouTube is, except without the ads and with a bit more variety in their content. Unlike YouTube Music, YouTube Premium users have to pay for the subscription.
Other plus features include allowing for background play, which means that users can still indulge even when other apps are open as well as playing even when the screen is off. Under YouTube Premium, you have YouTube Originals, YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Music Premium.

Amanda Bullock / April 17,2020

Optimal Timing, Videos, and much more: 10 Easy techniques to increase your Instagram Reach

Since Instagram began sorting articles on users’ feed by having an algorithm, numerous marketers have actually noticed a decrease in their reach that is organic and.

But that doesn’t need to be the instance for you. In reality, it may be easy for you to achieve a lot more of your supporters now than minus the Instagram that is new algorithm.

On this page, we’ll share 10 simple methods for you to used to raise your reach that is organic on today.

Buffer for Instagram now is sold with direct scheduling! Schedule single-image or video clip articles or set reminders to create posts that are multi-image your very best times to develop your Instagram after. Today learn more.

Comprehending the Instagram Algorithm

Here’s an instant side-note: focusing on how a Instagram algorithm works is a good idea in determining just how to raise your natural reach within the world that is algorithmic-feed.

Amanda Bullock / March 24,2020

Oppo Reno3 Pro: First Phone With A Dual 44-Megapixel Hole-Punch Camera

Oppo Reno3 Pro: First Phone With A Dual 44-Megapixel Hole-Punch Camera

Oppo is popular around here because of how amazing the cameras on their smartphones are – the Oppo Reno 10X Zoom, for instance.


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